From the "Royal island" of Veronica Pullen, The Social Marketing Queen


Revealed: How I’ve Built a Successful Business, Marketing and Networking Organically on Social Media... and How You Can Too!


Are you a small business owner wanting to use social media to generate more warm leads and sales for your business?


Are you keen to get on board with social media marketing, but lack a cohesive plan or strategy for how to use sites like Facebook and Twitter effectively?


Do you want to be the first person that comes to the mind of your ideal clients when they are ready to buy what you offer... or when they hear of someone else who is?


...then keep reading to discover how you can find and engage with your ideal clients, build a highly engaged social media community of raving fans... and convert them into warm leads, referrers and paying customers!


In 2015, if you want to generate a consistent stream of warm leads and paying clients from Facebook, you have to "pay to play".


#1: You can either pay financially by investing in Facebook adverts - bearing in mind that the people who are doing well with Facebook ads are often investing £5,000+ per month on their advertising campaigns!




#2: You can 'pay' with your time by marketing your business organically - investing a little of your time each day to share valuable content and network with your ideal clients online.


I've built my business from scratch through organic marketing on Facebook and Twitter.... and I'd love to show you how you can too!


If you're like most small business owners that I work with, you don't have thousands of pounds available to invest in Facebook advertising each month.


So I'm really excited to be sharing step-by-step how you can get recognised as the go-to person and have clients queuing up to work with you - without having to invest heavily in Pay-Per-Click advertising...


My name is Veronica Pullen



That's me...

In 1996 social media gave me a social life. Since 2010, it’s given me a (very good!) lifestyle.


Without social media I would never have met my husband, and without Twitter, several hundred of our friends would have missed out on attending our wedding day - as well as a few celebs like Duncan Bannatyne, Al Murray, Eamonn Holmes, Adrian Chiles, Martin Lewis and The Subways!


Without the relationships I've built on social media, I would not have been able to build a 6-figure business - having not attended an offline networking event for 4 years - and rarely leaving home for business either!


The truth is, if Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) had never followed through and made the commitment to starting their own companies, then life could have been a whole lot different.


It all started 19 years ago, I was a Bookkeeper by day, in a full time job – and later running a Bookkeeping and Payroll Bureau - while by night I was in chat rooms and forums socialising online, for fun.


After having my driving licence revoked in 1996, due to getting diagnosed with the eyesight condition Retinitis Pigmentosa, I’d have been trapped indoors with no way of meeting friends outside of work. Having been born with partial hearing loss, and diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 12, being able to drive meant I could get out and about to meet friends. When the licence went, my social life could easily have gone too.


Had it not have been for social media that is. I simply moved my social life online; finding it easy to make friends with text based conversations, I actually enjoyed a better social life than many of my peers. In 2007 I started socialising in Facebook and in 2009, joined Twitter and made more friends there.


When I started my business in 2010, the friends I'd made online became my first customers, referrers and raving fans - and in the past 5 years, almost ALL of our clients have come to us via the organic relationships we've built too!   


Now, I'm pretty sure that you too spend time "chatting" on sites like Facebook and Twitter - but is the time you're investing in these conversations converting to results like these..?


As a result of how I build relationships online, and organically market my business on Facebook and Twitter, I have... 

  • 1.

    Consistently grown my business, with 89% of our (6-figure) sales from globally based clients coming via relationships I’ve built online (the other 11% come via my speaking from stage at events!)

  • 2.

    Received daily enquiries from prospective clients who want to work with me, having observed me on Facebook

  • 3.

    Worked with some of the BIG names in the Expert industry… including Bob Burg (Author of Go-Givers), Joanna Martin, Fiona Harrold, Nick James, (and more) who are at the top of their game offline, to help them increase their income from social media… who approached me after they have also observed me on Facebook (who is observing you right now... and what are they seeing?)

  • 4.

    Been Crowned The Association of Coaches, Trainers and Consultants Small Business Coach of the Year 2012 – with a MARGIN of 170+ votes!

  • 5.

    Featured on ITV1 Daybreak Show and generated front page newspaper coverage

  • 6.

    Become a sought after Joint Venture partner internationally

  • 7.

    Been invited regularly to speak from stage at events nationwide – including being the ONLY woman chosen to speak at a Super Conference for Coaches, Trainers and Consultants – sharing a stage with some of my own business heroes; Dan Bradbury, Nick James, James Lavers and Richard Wilkins

  • 8.

    Beaten top internet marketers to become the most successful affiliate for an event - which led to me sharing a stage with Ryan Deiss (internationally renowned internet marketer), Clate Mask (CEO of Infusionsoft) - and being called by the organisers to ask how I was selling so many tickets!

  • 9.

    Given a monthly social media column in Surrey Mirror newspaper - which I wrote for 2.5 years until we moved away from Surrey

  • 10.

    Chosen by Nigel Botterill as his UK Entrepreneur of the Month

  • 11.

    Won the Entrepreneurs Circle South Surrey Entrepreneur of the Month award – TWICE!

  • 12.

    Been hand-picked by Theo Paphitis (ex BBC Dragons Den) as one of his favourite small businesses (the first social media business to be chosen!)

  • 13.

    Enjoyed being able to replace my husband's full time salary from a job that he hated, and welcome him to join me full time in the business

  • 14.

    Realised a 20+ year dream to live on the Isle of Wight - because most of our marketing is online, our clients are based globally, and we can live wherever our hearts take us…

Sharing the stage with internationally reknowned Internet Marketing expert, Ryan Deiss at the Small Business Success Summit in London, November 2014

"I’d certainly recommend this program"

Veronica is brilliant and has so much knowledge to share. 

The content she covers is the structure around what you need to know to be successful with social media, and I’d certainly recommend it. 

The value of what you'll learn in this program will last long after you have attended all the sessions and done all the implementing. 

It will give you a completely new awareness of what works, with Veronica on hand to provide the support to make the improvements that work.

Andrea Detchon
"I am blown away by how much I have learnt "

I am blown away by how much I have learnt from working with Veronica.

If you’re considering investing, my advice is to just do it and don’t worry how little you know.

Veronica is so patient and always answers any queries really quickly. No question is too basic and it really will give your confidence a massive boost”

Steph Drake
Best for Pets

But it’s not all rosy for everyone I meet.


In my recent survey 45% of small business owners admitted that getting new customers from Facebook and Twitter was their biggest challenge – with another 44% concerned that they don’t follow any strategy or have a cohesive plan in place to get results from their social media marketing.


Worryingly, according to an AdWeek survey, the average person spends 1.72 hours every day on social media, so there’s a pretty good chance that you too are spending time catching up with friends, and pumping out posts to your followers - yet this effort doesn't convert into warm leads and paying clients.


Getting followers to want to buy from you, or to know, like and trust you enough to even consider buying from you, is a combination of two things. One is strategy. The second is emotion.


One without the other will never work. The thing is, most small business owners spend so much time creating marketing promotions, composing posts full of good news, trying to keep up with the Facebook rule changes, and looking for the latest time saving shortcut, that it’s easy to forget the other most important thing.


The quality of the relationship that your followers have with you determines whether or not they’ll read what you post!


No matter how good your offers are, or how great the results are that you get for clients, unless your followers care enough about you to take any notice of what you’re posting online, you won’t get very far.


If what you post, or the way you show up on social media fails to get them feeling an emotional connection with you - so that they know and like you, recognise that they need what you offer, and trust you/your business to deliver the promised outcome – then they will never get to a point where they experience the level of desire that leads them to  wanting to buy from you.


I'm sure you know that purchasing decisions are made emotionally, and that people buy what they want... not what they need? 


Failing to show up online in the right way to build that emotional connection with your followers, and ease them towards wanting what you offer, could be sabotaging all of your other online efforts!

"Veronica’s strategies really work!"

I followed Veronica’s methods to connect with my ideal client, and after a short conversation with someone I found in Twitter using a search strategy I learned from Veronica, they’ve become my client – my first ever client generated from Twitter.

Her strategies really work!”

Jenny Kilburn
Synergos Consultancy

Introducing the Social Profits Bootcamp

"The positive feedback I hear from our members speaks volumes for her talents"

Veronica's passion, and knowledge of how to get the best out of social media just resonates throughout her work.

The positive feedback from our members who have worked with her speaks volumes for her talents!

Nigel Botterill
Founder of the Entrepreneurs Circle

Inside the Social Profits Bootcamp, we’ll work together in a series of 6 training sessions, learning and applying my easy to follow, step-by-step system and strategies for not only creating compelling content and cutting through the online noise to get in front of the right people, but you’ll be building magnetic relationships with your followers that will make you their #1 choice when they are ready to buy… 


...turbo charging the volume of warm leads and sales you get from social media – even when you don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on paid advertising each month!


This is a unique program mostly dedicated to organic social media marketing... giving you the secrets to becoming a social media client magnet once and for all! 


The Social Profits Bootcamp program is delivered via a series of content packed virtual training sessions that you can attend from the comfort of your own home or office. 


Each session will be accompanied by a comprehensive workbook that you'll be able to print and follow as we go, and keep filed away in your personal success library, as your permanent reference resource whenever you need to remind yourself of what you learned... as well as full transcripts and MP3 audios of each session.


So by the end of the program, you'll have a complete organic social marketing home study program at your fingertips. 


The six-week  Social Profits Bootcamp will teach you my well-structured and proven system to take you from social dabbler to a profitable magnetic social media marketer who is generating warm leads, enquiries and paying customers - daily!




This is a Comprehensive, Structured Program Designed to Teach You New Profitable Organic Social Marketing Habits That Generate New Warm Leads and Sales - FAST!

"This program will give you the confidence to start using social media for your business effectively"

Veronica’s training is easy to follow, so you can immediately go away and put into practice what you’ve learnt. 

The program will give you the confidence to start using social media for your business more, and you get more confidence that you are using it as an effective tool for your business. 

Having the training content delivered in live sessions also takes away all those “I’ll do it another day” excuses that you tell yourself when you invest in pre-recorded programs, that stop you from making the changes you need to.

Julie Corlett
Social Saffron

You'll be taking action to build new client magnetic and profitable habits and a clearly defined, easy-to-follow, successful social media marketing strategy


Each week you will make real progress and start seeing instant improvements from implementing what you're learning.


This is YOUR opportunity to stop letting Facebook and Twitter become a "time-suck" and start generating a stream of new warm leads and sales from the time you spend online.


If you want to profit from a marketing pillar that’s extensively growing each year, getting in front of people who fit your ideal customer avatar, then the Social Profits Bootcamp is for you.


"I get so much from Veronica's program, that I look forward to each call!"

The live training with Veronica really helps me to maintain pace and momentum with the content. 

I look forward to each call knowing it is happening in real time, and that we are all doing it at the same time - which enhances the cohesiveness and support from my study group. 

Although I've still got some stuff to implement, I have LOVED learning from Veronica - and have already gained new clients as a result!

Alyson Reay
Just leave it With Me

So let's take a look at the program content, and the outcomes you can expect from each session.


Session #1: The Foundations of Profitable Social Marketing

In this session, we’ll visit (or re-visit) your ideal client avatar, so you kick off on the right foot ensuring that your ideal clients will hear you, and recognise that you're speaking to them directly.... and I'll give you a simple strategy that you can follow to amplify the reach of your posts.


We'll also look at your online presence through their eyes - how you show up matters. Are you attractive to the right people, or could you be turning your ideal clients away at the door without realising?


By the end of this session your online appearance will be so well dressed you'll be ready to strut your stuff on Facebook and Twitter's catwalks!


Plus we'll install the #1 essential Facebook tool to ensure your marketing gets in front of your prospects again and again!



Session #2: Your Profitable Posting and Scheduling Strategy for Maximum Exposure For Your Message

In session 2, we'll  simplify your posting strategy, and you'll learn when you ideal clients are online - plus the simple process to ensure you're getting in front of the right people, at the right time.


... and I'll give you the template for the #1 resource that we use for all of our managed social media clients that will save you at least 5 hours per week! (and no, it's not an app!)    


By the end of this session, you'll know how to easily structure your daily posts so you can share valuable, relevant and interesting posts to engage your followers, and leave them wanting to know more about you - including the 3 essential posts you must publish EVERY day in order to profit from your time online!


Session #3: How to Build Your Enaged Audience of Customers, Referrers and Raving Fans

Have you ever been to a networking event, and experienced the shouty promoter guy? You know, the person who doesn't come into the room and speak to you or any of the other attendees, but stands at the door loudly announcing their latest offer before leaving and heading off to another meeting nearby?


No, me neither. It's an unthinkable way to behave at a networking event, isn't it? 


But here's the thing... that person does exist online. In fact, there are a lot of small business owners who are showing up in online communities breaching all kinds of social etiquette - without even realising that's what they're doing!


Meanwhile, your prospective clients are quietly observing everything that you do from a distance! EEEK!


While they might not be able to identify exactly what is going on... they will recognise that they aren't warming to you - there's a lack of emotional connection.


And you know what I'm gonna say now, don't you? Yup, that lack of connection is the reason they ain't buying from you! :-( 


So, in this session  we'll be transforming the way you network online... I'll be revealing just how your online behaviours are being subconsciously judged by your prospects - and showing you exactly how to develop your sparkling and magnetic (profitable) online personality that will turn your fellow networkers into raving fans... who'll be eager to join your tribe! 




-Why applying The Bucket Theory to the way you show up in conversations will make you the sought after choice by your ideal clients and JV partners <- this alone drives a high percentage of my new enquiries!


-How to mine hashtags and profitably participate in Twitter chats... so you can get famous in a community of your target audience - become their go-to person, and get a ton of warm leads.


-How to zoom through the noise, actively seek out your ideal clients based on what you've learned about them so far - and elegantly begin to build quality relationships


Plus I'll show you how you can replicate this process to leverage your new found 'celebrity status' and build a nationwide "sales team" who will bring you a ton of new referrals.



Session #4: Demonstrating Social Proof and Creating Compelling Content

By this stage of your relationship, your followers have got to know and love you... they've joined your list, they eagerly await your posts and emails, and they're telling everyone they meet how great you are. 


Now they're subconsciously looking for a reason to say yes to buying from you.


But they're not totally sure what you're about, and how you can add value to them... yet.    


There are nagging voices in their head...


"What if I've got you all wrong?"   


"Can I trust you?"


In his book “ Influence”, Robert Cialdini said:


“The other source of information people look to is their peers. We call this principle “social proof.” ‘What are people just like me doing in this situation?”


So in this session, you'll learn where to seek out your amazing feedback, and where to share your social proof online so your competitors won't get a look inwhen your prospects are ready to buy.  


Someone woke up this morning wishing they knew what you know... so now is also time for you to share your brilliance with the world. 


Let your followers see for themselves how great you are, recognise you're who they need, and want to join your "family" by becoming a customer.


We’ll cover how you can share what you know, demonstrate your expertise or USP, and grab the attention of your ideal customers with compelling content...   


By the way, because your followers will each have their preferred format for consuming your content - I'll also reveal how you can leverage each bit of content to get yourself in front of even more of your ideal clients - including people who aren't connected to you, YET!  


By the end of this session, you'll be their highly revered leader... guiding them towards becoming your customer... step-by-step.


Session #5: Nurturing Your Followers Towards Becoming Your Paying Customers

You’ve gained new warm leads, and now they need to feel nurtured… you've gotta show 'em how much you care, and that you’re not just seeing them with £ or $ signs over their head and a credit card in their hand.


At the same time, you don't want to be forgettable either - especially if they have a quick chat with you today, but aren't ready to become a customer yet.


Without an effective email nurture strategy to deepen your fledgling relationships, you're...


-Sending your followers straight into the arms (bank account) of your competitors!


-Missing out on the ability to get in front of 95% of your target audience! 


-Losing almost 80% of your potential sales opportunities! Jeepers!


So in this session, you'll learn the easy steps to to nurture your community via the two most popular types of email – ready to keep yourself at the forefront of their mind when they are ready to buy what you offer (or hear of someone else who is!)


You'll also know how to generate multiple sales opportunities from one "YES" with upsells/downsells and premium pricing options - "would you like fries with that?"


Plus, you'll have a clear plan for how you can take the right actions each day to organically drive a stream of new leads and sales into your business - on autopilot!


Session #6: Unleash the Superpowers Inside Facebook Advertising

Now you've got your organic networking strategy running to its full power, adding paid ads will put a rocket underneath your results. 


While you've now significantly reduced your need to "pay to play", sometimes, you want to give your marketing a little boost by investing in Facebook advertising - fast tracking your exposure to new prospects, and putting new offers in front of previous website visitors.


But the problem is, so many business owners are wasting money by setting up campaigns without a clearly defined strategy for how they'll get a positive ROI on their spend.


There's also the risk of getting your ads account banned forever, if you inadvertedly breach one of the multitude of Facebook's rules... nightmare!


So, in our final session, I'll take you through how you can confidently (and legally!)  get a positive return on your investment in Facebook Ads... including;


-Mapping out the strategy that you must have in place before you spend even £0.01 on Facebook advertising - to ensure you stand the best chance of achieving a positive ROI on your investment.


-The basics of setting up campaigns, ad sets, and ads in Power Editor – determining which objective will deliver the results you seek - and which advert type serves that objective.


-Benefit from the multiple (and repeat) options to grab the attention of your ideal clients by uploading custom audiences and installing conversion pixels, 


-Interpreting default reports and compiling meaningful stats to track the results of your campaigns.


Each session includes a comprehensive workbook, and is delivered via video, transcript and MP3 audio...

...whatever your preferred learning style, we've got you covered inside the Social Profits Bootcamp.

"Revolutionised the way we use social media!"

Veronica truly revolutionised the way that we use social media here at Schemeserve, and gave us a far greater understanding of how to make the most of our online presence.

The value she added to our business has been exceptional, and we have no hesitation in recommending you to our peers and clients whom I have no doubt you can help in similar fashion.

Ed Halsey

The Social Profits Bootcamp will take you from being a “social media dabbler” into a “profitable social marketing ninja" with a proven, replicable system. 


As you work through the program, you’ll not only be learning new strategies, you’ll be actively putting them to work building strong and profitable online relationships.


My focus for this program is to help YOU use Facebook and Twitter to the same or greater level of success that I (and many of my client) have. So, everything I will teach you is the same as what I do each and every day in my own (and our clients’) businesses.





The Social Profits Bootcamp is for you if you are…

  • 1.

    A regular Facebook and Twitter user who is sick and tired of the diminishing reach of your posts, and wants a proven system for getting in front of more of your ideal clients on social media, and converting them into warm leads and paying clients.

  • 2.

    Marketing a business that sells to PEOPLE, the Social Profits Bootcamp program will provide you with your ultimate person to person social marketing blueprint - regardless of whether you sell your own products or professional services, or network marketing, mullti-level marketing or party plan products and opportunies.

  • 3.

    A total newbie to social media, keen to get on board with organic social media marketing, and want to get it working profitably from day one.

  • 4.

    A business owner wanting to get in front of your ideal customers - regardless of whether they are consumers or other small business owners.

"Veronica walks her talk!"

When an expert tells me I should be doing something, the first thing I do is to look at their track record to ensure they are personally successful at what they preach.

Veronica doesn’t just talk the talk but is successfully doing exactly what she advises… crucial for any marketing and social media practitioner!

Dee Blick
Author of The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book

I’m going to be teaching you my structured, PROVEN system for generating a consistent stream of warm leads, committed customers, raving fans and private clients from your organic Facebook and Twitter marketing.


I will be sharing my complete step-by-step strategy that I use every day and week in my business... that has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales for me and my clients.


Consider this... 


According to Triblio, 84% of your customers can be found on social media -  can you afford to miss this opportunity to learn how to get in front of your ideal customers, build that all important emotional connection with your followers...  and guide them through their decision making process towards being eager to work with you and predisposed to trust you?


Are you ready to generate more warm leads and sales from Facebook & Twitter, by building and nurturing a highly engaged audience of customers, referrers and raving fans, who will think of you first when they are ready to buy (or hears of someone else who is!)?


Then Hit The Orange Button Below to Join the Social Profits Bootcamp Now


"A unique ability to cut through all the noise!"

Veronica has a unique ability to cut through all the 'noise' and make Facebook and Twitter relevant for you - all delivered in a clear and easily to follow manner! 

She is my go-to social media expert.

Dawn Fry
The Melting Pot
"I'm getting more new leads every week!"

Veronica and her team managed my social media for over a year, and during that time I enjoyed new leads each week coming through from Facebook and Twitter."

Alison Armitage
Divine Living Space

But that’s not all…


To help make this decision easier for you, I’ve prepared 

3 RED HOT bonuses for you (worth £791).


Red Hot Bonus #1

Lifetime access to my Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ mentoring program (usually £697) - that also includes...


The Lead Magnet Academy program. 


The Trip Wire Academy program,


AND The Social Marketing Power Hour Club. 


(Value £697)

The comprehensive Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ library will be your essential aide memoir to the six Bootcamp sessions.


Inside the library, you will find circa 100 hours of teaching going deep into the detail of of the 8 steps to profitable social marketing – including access to my Lead Magnet Academy program, where we'll work together to create THE most important element in your ability to profit from social marketing - a compelling Lead Magnet that will have your followers eager to give you their email address!


... and access to my Trip Wire Academy program, where I'll give you everything you’ll need to know to add a passive income stream to your conversion funnel… FAST!

(Value £397)


Red Hot Bonus #2:

31 Step Social Marketing Profits Checklist (Value £97)

Your bonus 31 Step Profits Checklist  will ensure your Facebook and Twitter presence is not compromising your conversions.


Once you've ticked off every step of the checklist, you'll be able to relax in the knowledge that the way you're showing up online is optimised to encourage the flow of warm leads, paying clients and opportunities that you will be attracting by the end of the Social Expert Bootcamp!


So, what’s the investment?


Let’s think about this logically, the strategy I’m going to share has generated 6-figure sales for me and my clients in the past five years... which in my opinion makes this strategy worth at least £20,000. AT LEAST!


It’s generated more than 10 times that amount in the past 12 months!


But I’m not going to charge you £20,000.


Half that, I’m not even going to ask you for £10,000.

This isn’t for everyone. This Bootcamp is specifically for you if you want to ACHIEVE huge results from your organic social media marketing. No more dabbling!


You’re getting access to me teaching you my best content that you can swipe and deploy to generate yourself tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds – whatever your income goal is, it's totally doable when you follow the system.


And I believe the investment will pre-qualify you to be serious enough to make the commitment to show up and do the work to get the results.


The Full Investment for the Social Profits Bootcamp is £1,497+VAT



Join Today...


For £697


Or 3 instalments of £250


(and save £800 on the full investment!)

"Unprecedented increase in UK event sales - with ZERO PPC advertising!"

When Veronica managed our social media campaigns, I saw an unprecedented increase in the numbers attending our events in the UK.

She is exceptionally insightful, writes beautifully and truly knows her stuff. I highly recommend Veronica’s services to business owners looking for social media assistance

Joanna Martin
Internationally renowned Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author

If you've skimmed straight down to the end of the page (haha!), here's a quick recap of what's included in your investment when you join the Social Profits Bootcamp today...

  • 1.

    The Social Profits Bootcamp program - 6 sessions packed with valuable, actionable content

  • 2.

    Workbooks to accompany each session - ready for you to follow during the session, and file in your personal success library

  • 3.

    Full transcripts of each session of the Bootcamp to give you a full home study program that you can refer back to whenever you want to refresh your knowledge

  • 4.

    MP3 audio of each session for when you want to learn on the move

  • 5.

    Bonus #1: Lifetime access to my Social Marketing Profits Blueprint program, which includes: Lead Magnet Academy, Trip Wire Academy, and Social Marketing Power Hour Club programs (value £697)

  • 6.

    Bonus #2: 31 Step Social Marketing Profits Checklist (value £97)

  • 7.

    Bonus #3: 24/7 support from me and your peers in our private Facebook group

If You Sell Your Products and Services to PEOPLE, Then It's Crucial That You Understand How to Magnetically Connect With People Online...


The Social Profits Bootcamp Program is Your Ultimate Blueprint 

for Profitable Person to Person Social Media Marketing.


Join The Social Profits Bootcamp today


           It’s one payment of £697


Or if you prefer, 3 instalments of £250


(and save £800 on the full investment!)

"Veronica really knows her stuff!"

I first got to know Veronica on Facebook, and since then I’ve hired her to improve our social media marketing, and to advise our clients on their campaigns too. 

She’s also spoken from stage at a couple of our conferences, and the audience love her.

I don’t know of any other social media marketing experts out there, teaching what she does, as well as she does. She really knows her stuff!

What you’ll learn is totally unique.

Nick James
Seriously Fun Business

I promise you, the Social Expert Bootcamp and my personal support will give you an easy-to-follow strategy to profit from your time on Facebook and Twitter.


Once you are consistently and regularly applying what you will learn in this program, Facebook and Twitter will quickly become a mammoth warm leads and sales generation machine that powers your business.


But to make it an easier decision for you to say yes, you'll also benefit from my 28 Day 100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

"This program is a must-have marketing investment for your business"

The content is absolutely first class and this program is a must have marketing investment for your business

I’ve found the live scheduled training sessions much easier to follow, as the time spent learning is nicely spread out over a period of time. 

I love that you can show up for “classes” like if you were attending college, only you’re still in the warmth and comfort of your own home. 

But the best bit is that you can ask questions as soon as they pop into your head, and Veronica will answer them for you. 

Kerry Orr
MOFO Marketing
28 Day 100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

If within the first 28 days of the program, you feel that I am not delivering on my promise to provide the strategies and resources that will enable you to generate sales that at least cover your investment in the Social Expert Bootcamp..

And you've worked through all of the sessions and implemented the strategies I've taught you..

Then I'll give you 100% of your money back - NO QUIBBLE!

"I recommend her to my business celebrity clients"

Veronica is absolutely doing her ‘Thing’ when she helps you create and nurture social media relationships. She gets how to use social media to connect with your market so your business benefits in more ways than sales.

I always recommend her to my business celebrity clients.

Lucy Whittington
Being a Business Celebrity

The Full Investment for the Social Profits Bootcamp is £1,497



Hit The Orange Button Below Now, and Get Lifetime Access to the Social Profits Bootcamp...


... For £697 (Saving £800!)


 Or 3 instalments of £250


(and save £800 on the full investment!)

"Turned my social media success on its head"

Wow, Veronica you are AWESOME.

The biggest difference I've found since working with you is that you REALLY care about getting me results, and you don't rest until you've met your promises.

Add to that, that you've turned my social media success on its head - you're a real expert!

Thank you so much :-)"

Oli Luke
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I can't wait to work with you, and together we'll make 2015 the year you master profitable social marketing for your business!


With love,